1. Installation

1.1. Using pip

Spectrum is available on PYPi, so you should be able to type:

pip install spectrum

Since spectrum depends on other python packages such as Numpy, Matplotlib and Scipy they will be installed automatically (if not already installed).

You can also install the dependencies yourself by typing:

pip install numpy matplotlib scipy

Spectrum source code is available on Github https://github.com/cokelaer/spectrum

1.2. Conda installation

Spectrum is now available on CONDA. For Linux and MAC users, if you prefer to use conda, please use:

conda config --append channels conda-forge
conda install spectrum

1.3. From source and notes for developers

Developpers who want to get the source code can clone the repository:

git clone git@github.com:cokelaer/spectrum.git
cd spectrum
python setup.py install

Then, you can test the library using pytest or compile the documentation with Sphinx. To do so, install sphinx and other dependencies:

pip install --file requirements-dev.txt